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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Eat, drink, and be geeky

Dudes, it's time to speak out with your geek out! I think everyone who reads this blog a little knows how I feel about most nerdy pursuits, and folks, if you too are a geek, it's time to let the world know, in case you hadn't already. I admire this project for its aim at happiness; very often nerd-rage takes over and we're a terrible bunch of fans, or we languish in our basements without any friends and resort to trolling on the Internet. No more of this! Let's talk about the things we love, the things about our hobbies and passions that make us happy (so no, this post will not involve Star Wars).

So. Many of my hobbies are geeky, and my profession is as well: I am a librarian. This is a nice thing, in that a lot of my colleagues are also geeky, and librarianship gives me regular opportunities to indulge and develop my interests. Here are a few things I love about being a librarian geek:

  • I get to add comics and graphic novels to the collection. Being able to obtain, process, display, and promote comic books is ggrrrreeeeeaaaat fun for me as a comic fan.

  • I can use geek signage. Two of the signs currently in use in my library involve Milton from Office Space and the Tenth Doctor (a great proponent of libraries).

  • Are those action figures on your desk? Yes, yes they are. My desk plays host to a Belle Pez dispenser (ok, maybe that's not quite an action figure), a Terry McGinnis Batman, and the Nancy Pearl figure with shushing action!

  • Books, books, books. Lots of geeks love to read; I am definitely among them! As a wordnerd first and foremost, I love the fact that working in a library gives me wonderful exposure to new titles all the time.

What are your favorite aspects of geekdom? What makes your geeky heart sing?

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Ain't No Mo No Mo said...

At my desk I have the following: A Wonder Woman doll (the small body with the big head), a stegasaurus with an alien on his back fighting a t-rex with a nakey-emperor finger puppet stuffed in his mouth, quotations from Dr. Who and Labyrinth, and a adiposian stress toy. :) I used to have a Willow and Harry Potter/Hermione/Ron figurines, but I think I must have taken them home. And a box full of books under my desk, because heaven forbid we get a freak ice storm in the late winter and I'm stuck with nothing to read.

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